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Adorn yourself with Glitter n Glamour. It's okay. You are worth it ! 

Glitter Glue
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Glitter Glue is very light-weight on your eyelids.


Glitter Glue helps your glitter eyeshadow, glitter eyeliner, glitter on eyebrows, and glitter on lipstick to stay in place all day, no matter the weather. 


Your Glitter Makeup stays vibrant and you look glamorous from sun up to sun down ! 


💎Have less glitter fallout. Thin, light-weight, clear formula. Dries fast and holds on tight to your glitter makeup. Your glitter makeup stays in place all day long. Avoid messy glitter. Through hail, rain, snow or wind, this helps your glitter to look vivid and stay semi-permanent.

💎 Cruelty free (not made with animal parts, not tested on animals)


💎 Apply to the eyelid or lips, or body. Gently squeeze a little from the tube. Spread with finger, glitter applicator, or makeup brush. Apply glitter. Enjoy your Glitter-n-Glamour ! 


For cosmetic use only. Do not eat. Do not swallow.


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