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Glamorous Lash Life Book
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Do you want to SAVE 🤑 money on your mink lashes?


💎Glamorous Lash Life Book, helps you experience the look and feel of the BEST Luxury Mink Lashes. Everything that you need to help your eyes look glamorous, is included for your convenience. You get ALL 7: Lash Book + Mirror + 3 pairs Mink Lashes + Marry Your Lashes Glue Pen (Clear) + Pink Sparkle Lash Applicator (Tweezer)


💎Glamorous Lash Life Book makes it easy to keep your lashes in one place, and keeps your lashes in good condition to wear again. This lash book keep dust and bacteria off your lashes. This lash book is great for traveling. Easily closes tight, take on the go, and small enough to fit inside your luggage. Each Lash Style band is light to wear. You forget that you're wearing them. Glamorous Lash Life Book, is custom designed with Rhinestones. Glamorous Lash Life Book is truly one of a kind.


💎 Cruelty free (not made with animal parts, not tested on animals)


💎Mesmerize Lashes make your eyes look natural and enticing.


💎Luxury Lashes make your eyes look like the center of attention, with an irresistible stare.


💎 Fantasy Lashes make your eyes look more fancy with lots of curl and volume.


💎Marry Your Lashes Glue Pen is in the color clear. This is a lash glue that goes on clear and dries clear. Shake it for 10 seconds. Draw on like eyeliner. Immediately marry your lashes to the glue.


💎 Sparkle Pink Lash Applicator (Tweezer) helps you to put your lashes on straight. And, to apply a little pressure, if necessary.


💎 There are many great things about Glamorous Lash Life Book: You have different lash styles to choose from. 🤑 You save money and do not have to buy new mink lashes every month. 3 mink lash pairs are included for your convenience. You can change your look throughout the week and the month.


💎Get this amazing product today! It’s affordable! That’s a steal of a deal for such an awesome product! Plus we offer FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING ! So what are you waiting for?! Get Your Glamorous Lash Life Now!!