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Adorn yourself with Glitter n Glamour. It's okay. You are worth it ! 

Glitter Eyz Eyeshadow Palette
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Are you looking for glitter eyeshadow to express your personal style?

Experience The #1 Rhinestone Eyeshadow Palette


💎 This eyeshadow is the professional makeup that includes the glitter glue to help achieve your glam look flawlessly. It’s long lasting and highly pigmented. You are made of luxury. Treat yourself like luxury.


💎 The colors in this palette will make you feel like a million bucks, and they'll last all day long! You can use these shades on their own or mix them together to create an endless number of looks with just one palette! These shadows blend easily so you don't have to worry about any harsh lines, and they're also crease-resistant so your look stays put from morning until night! With such beautiful colors, how could anyone resist? We know we couldn't! That's why we've decided to offer this amazing product at an incredible price - exclusively for our customers today only! Act now before we sell out again...we promise not to disappoint!


💎 This eyeshadow palette is hand-decorated with pink glistening rhinestones. You feel and experience this eyeshadow palette, to match your luxurious style. 


💎 Right now shop to get your Glitter Eyz Eyeshadow Palette. We have a LIMITED supply!!