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Adorn yourself with Glitter n Glamour. It's okay. You are worth it ! 

Marry Your Lashes Glue- Clear
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Marry Your Lashes Glue- Clear 


Marry Your Lashes Glue brings you luxury with the rhinestone designs. The multi-colored rhinestones help you express your fancy style. Experience the Glamour when dressing up your lashes!


Marry Your Lashes Glue goes on clear, dries clear.

Make your mink lashes look natural.

This lash glue is beginner-friendly, and great for everyday use.

You can not make any mistakes when wearing this clear lash glue.

You can wear as little or as much as you want to.

This glue is very sensitive for your eyelid.

Marry this glue and those lashes together as a perfect match.


Each tube is carefully decorated with rhinestones. Each rhinestone is added with love. Random rhinestone design sent with order.


ONLY 1 glue included with order.



Fit mink lashes to your eyes. Trim lashes if necessary.
Apply lash glue onto the lash band. Wait 1-2 minutes for glue to get tacky.
Place lashes as closely as possible to the base of your natural lashes.
Show off your glam mink lashes.

* Safe to wear with eye contacts.